Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Degrees 7, Pleasure 10; I'm winning!

When I went to bed the prediction was 14 for a low, wind chill around zero. When I checked in the AM it was 7 and falling with a wind chill of -10. I was wishing my Lake winter boots had arrived but they haven't. It was OK though I was slightly overheated when I arrived at work and other than fogging up glasses, had no problems getting to work. Well except for the fact that my lovely morning ride ended in downtown Mpls. and at the start of another very long day in the belly of the beast but that's another story.


  1. It was a cold one for sure. Today was downright shorts weather!ckheki

  2. I picked up my Lake's last night. They were on back order for over a month. I put the protective wax on last night and I'm wearing them indoors now. They are so comfy they remind me of the Moon boots I had as a kid. It's time to to go play in the snow.