Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Narcotic haze, part three

I thought I was 12 Just a kid on his new bike Out for a good time I can ride the curb! Balance it all the way down Wheee what fun it was I'd done it before Thought, Hey, I'll do it again! Down so fast I bounced But I'm not 12 now I no longer bounce, I break Break real good I did Tough it out I thought, It'll get better real soon Not in ten months, nope Bone grinding on bone Rasping, snapping, tendons click Pissed off bursa, Ouch! Only one fix now, Cutting, rasping, deep inside Skilled surgeon, quick work Narcotics will fade Incisions will heal over Muscles regain strength I'll have fun again Yes, soon I'll have fun again But I won't forget I'm 12 never more! Old man out on his new bike Out for a good time

1 comment:

  1. Nice baiku!

    Just goes to show that those little things cause more problems over the long haul.