Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Great eMail offer!

[fullname]] we can deposit this 1500.00 to your account today This was the subject line of a message in my inbox. I am really looking forward to [sender]] depositing this in my account...


  1. From Nigeria no doubt.

    Are you going to send your information so they can deposit the money? ;>(

  2. Well I sure could use the money to help pay for the ocean front property in Arizona I just put money down on but the return address was [scammername]] so I couldn't...

    Somebody must send them information or they wouldn't continue but you'd have to be dumber than dirt.

  3. Anonymous12:38 AM

    You're a screaming lib too. By your prfile, I'd probably say you are also GAY. Tim doesn't like anyone not to blow smoke up his dress so he censored me. Tis ok I'll get even with him through his job.