Friday, April 24, 2009

Spring Classic

First hot day

Classic April headwind

Pushing the paceline back

Grinding forward anyway

Post rush-hour light traffic

Bike lane stripe

Winter sand swept away

Safety illusion

Half dozen lycra spinners

Bright colors half a block long

Happily pedaling in the

Safety zone

Silent without warning

Steel on my left

Enters the safety zone

Terminates my safety

Rolling at a good clip

Nearly through the intersection

I'm meeting a right hook

Unwelcome spring classic

Turning, leaning on Detroit steel

Hoping I don't join Erik

Steel and lycra shouldn't touch

By surprise at 20 mph

I should have

Chased him down

Educated him on how

He nearly took a life


  1. "Steel and lycra shouldn't touch"

    Great poem about sad stuff.

    Interesting about the right hook. The only city in Oz that has 'left hooks' is Melbourne. Soooo dangerous in my eyes.

  2. 22 years old is simply too young an age to die.

  3. Groover - I always wondered if you can keep your balance by leaning into a car that's cutting you off and now I know you can. I hope never to use this new skill again.

    A Midnight Rider - Any age is too young to die that way but 22 just makes it that much worse.