Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I wonder... many of the jerks who try to run me off the road as I ride to and from work every day are aware of the important role bicyclists played in getting them their paved roads they now feel bicycles don't belong on.
I have a close call several times a week. This morning's moron brushed my arm as he drove past 3 miles an hour faster than me rather than pull out a bit since there was no oncoming traffic. Nearly every day someone hollers at me to get onto the sidewalk or trail. Last week some jerk crossed the center line coming at me from the other direction to try to run me off the road while giving me the finger. For what purpose I wondered since he was traveling on the other side of the road.
Anyway, perhaps they should read this:
There, I feel better even though I know not one of the mouth-breathers who should read it will have...


  1. Bandobras10:08 PM

    I'm much too old now but long long ago in a galaxie far away I used to ride with a nice big 1 inch chain rapped and locked around my chest. On a couple of occasions I took it off and trashed someones windshield or hood. Of course I also lived in Canada where I was fairly certain they wouldn't have a gun if they wished to engage in an altercation.
    I know it probably wasn't right but it sure felt good.

  2. Automobiles are the worst invention of our entire existence on the planet. In 36 years of cycling, I've had it all happen to me. One of the more memorable ones, though, had me commuting to work on my racing bike and the moron in this case tried to not only run me off the road, he began chasing me. When I finally was able to shake him, another motorist stopped and offered to go chase him down and beat him up for me, if I chose to go along! It was a tempting offer, but I didn't have the time to waste, as I would have been late for work!

  3. I miss Europe where motorists respect cyclists because most motorists are also cyclists. Australia, unfortunately, is also full of hoons and rednecks ... :-(

  4. Riding in working class cities I have it very easy. It's rare that anyone does anything but give me plenty of room.

    I always wonder why people are so concerned by what others do and feel the need to try and prove that they are superior.

  5. Bandobras - I've banged on a lot of vehicles and adjusted some mirrors and had fantasies about further damage but it hasn't actually happened ...yet...

    Badger - Scary story but I would have opted for not being late to work as well.

    Groover - Someday I will have to experience the European respect though I did get a taste of what it must be like a few weeks back riding through Amish country in Wisconsin. Everyone was used to slow moving vehicles so bikes seemed to be a welcome diversion.

    Rider - The salt of the earth can be sweet and I do find that the more expensive the neighborhood, the less patience the residents seem to have.

  6. Groover... Hoons. I love it!! Where did that word come from?

    WheelDancer. I understand where you are coming from. In Nova Scotia most drivers have never read the motor vehicle act. That's where I start when they start mouthing off.


  7. Bluenoser - Funny, I start in the same place, three foot clearance, etc...

    I figured Groover had left a typo but perhaps hoons was the intended; if so it must be a Grooverism!

  8. I noticed that drivers were more courteous as gas neared $5.00 per gallon. I think we need to get back up there.