Monday, October 5, 2009

Back to regular programming...

Yes, I was bored and thought it might be fun to crank up my stats like someone once said they accidently did with a similar post title. My faith in the on-line search world was somewhat restored as my hit count actually went down with that last post.

There was of course no sex graphic or otherwise in that post. I don't care what folks do with their on-line time but I do think that porn shouldn't come to you in your daily travels unless you travel the porn circuit in which case you would likely not be here reading this. Anyway, it was a cheap ploy for traffic that failed so perhaps not only is the internet here to stay, but there might be less porn surfing than I heard talking heads declare.

This post makes a lot of sense to me.


  1. Isn't it funny what does and what does not drive hits? I, too, would have thought this would have many knocking at your door. I wonder, then, if the Badger and I are porn surfers or just WD followers.

  2. I usually get a lot of hits when I talk to much on group rides. Um....wheres the pics of nekkie chickies?

  3. I think you used the wrong terms. You should've used e.g. legs, bicycles, carbon ... :-)

  4. Limes - If you are porn surfers coming here you are not very good at it so I'll settle on you being WD followers.

    HWB - Perhaps I'll talk too much on the next group ride and see how that goes. As for nekkie chickees you can look here, which is still safe for work...

    Groover - Good point, I didn't have DI2, Zip or Pinarello in there anywhere.