Thursday, January 28, 2010

Six below and falling

It's now six below
By morning that will seem warm
Why do I live here?


  1. -22 as I threw my leg over my trusty Pugsley at 4:30 a.m. to make my way to work this fine morning! This weather makes one feel alive!!!
    I love it!!

  2. Anybody can bike when it's 75 degrees F. We're just not anybody -- we're a special kind of stupid.

    I'm with Joboo, this is quite, ah, refreshing, isn't it?

  3. Great series of photos! But what, praytell, do you have on your head? (It looks like two helmets?)

    Six below zero. That's cold. Period. As Brother Yam says, you're just not "anybody"! I admire you.

  4. Once again, I will be humble as I trudge for miles in the 35-degree range, Iron Man.

  5. I'm getting ready for the annual Ride on the Ocean. I'm the only one that does it. It takes cold to do that. We are all special people WD.

    Anyone can move to Florida and be a snowbird.


  6. Joboo - I knew someone would chime in about the joys of rding in this stuff. It really does make you feel alive.

    Yam - Yea we are special, the transportational equivelant of riding on the short bus.

    Badger - Double helmets? Man in these temps ya gotta layer everything! It's actually a downhill ski helmet over a balaclava with the ski goggles at the ready.

    Limes - To someone in the tropics you are as hardcore as you think I am here in MN. It's all in how prepared you are for whatever you are facing.

    Bluenoser - The annual Ride on the Ocean sounds great to me; I'll be cyber-drafting you as you ride. We special people have to stick together you know.

  7. Here's what always amazes me about Minnesotans. As cold & awful as it is for so long in the winter, you'd expect that anyone living there would be a complete homicidal maniac. But when you go there the state is full of the nicest people in the country. What are you guys *on*?