Sunday, March 13, 2011

Fatback Soup

The recipe is starting to come together but the pantry isn't yet fully stocked.

This will be the first ingredient into the soup pot, blue anodized aluminum goodness. Seems a Fatback frame would be nicely complimented with Hadley-built, Fatback hubs, paired with Uma II 70mm rims to get just the right amount of fat into the pot. Of course being a carbon based life form myself, I figure a Fatback carbon fork will make this recipe feel like a family feast.

SRAM X0 should add some good flavor,
Then toss in some Chris King, season to taste, and it will probably look something like this:

Speedway did a good thing when they hired this photographer to show off their stuff, plenty of fat goodness on display.

As for me, I'm getting hungry and can hardly wait for the soup to be ready!


  1. A feast set aside for Kings WD!!!
    All good things come to those who wait!!! ;)
    Total and utter SWEETNESS!!


  2. Mmm. I'm suddenly hungry.

  3. I can only think of a term from American Graffiti... "Bitchin Bike!" or was it "Totally Bitchin"?