Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Eve at 4,723,061.7 mph!

We started our Christmas Eve on the bikes. No news there, just a leisurely ride to a lazy breakfast followed by some quality time at our LBS. It's happened before, in fact it's a good model for how to spend a Saturday morning as far as we are concerned.

This evening I uploaded the GPS tracks from my unit and noticed what could be a new land speed record:
I wasn't that tired but is is the first time I burned over 4000 calories in a 19 mile ride. I was curious as to where this amazing speed happened because I didn't really notice when it was happening. So looking at the map I had a couple clues looking at the overview:
It could have been the breakfast joint on the right: 

Or the bike shop on the left:
While there was plenty of activity during breakfast, I suspect the speed surge happened at the bike shop, when the coffee really started to kick in. It's certainly a lot more frenetic, don't you think?


  1. Umm, WD, are you sure you aren't either an alien yourself, or were driving some kind of alien space craft? If so, its path looks a little erratic in places!

  2. Well the breakfast was out of this world...

  3. I'd love to see the video of these two episodes! In super slow mo, of course.

  4. Seems the helmet cam didn't work in whatever atmosphere I was traveling through so no video, sorry.