Friday, March 21, 2008

Change of Seasons!

I just love the change of seasons, the anticipation of the coming season and the activities it brings. I took this first picture in the depths of Winter, the best winter we have had for some time. Skiing was fantastic this year with plenty of snow. Sometimes I like to capture what the season looks like so I have a reference of what it was like when it's gone. I took this first photo on my front sidewalk last winter. Sort of a classic winter scene with the ticki tacki houses all in a row but a pretty row.

Now this second picture was taken this afternoon, the first day of spring. I think it really captures the essence of spring in Minnesota and is a dramatic contrast to the Winter picture above...

...perhaps ditching the studded tires this weekend just might be a bit premature...


  1. It was a great little storm that was quick to remind me that Spring is a very violent, but beautiful time of year.

  2. Ah yes. It's obvious to even the most casual observer. There are less cars in spring.