Sunday, March 2, 2008

New Job, New Commute, New Hope

I just started a new job which gives me a new commute. It's another short one, only about 6 and half miles each way. I thought my gig in downtown Mpls. was good with the trail that took me right into downtown so I only had the last mile fighting traffic and then with clearly marked bike lanes and lots of riders so the cars were pretty used to seeing riders. My new gig has a trail that actually starts on the property and hooks into the Greenway trail so I can ride to work with only three blocks on city streets and those are sleepy residential streets. Turns out the roads near the office are pretty wide and traffic is minimal so I am choosing the more direct on-road option but what a great deal that I have the option. I read a lot of blogs about commuting and it seems that here in the Twin Cities we have it pretty darn good and gives me hope that commuting by bike can catch on pretty easily since there is quite a bit of infrastructure in place. Now it's just the inertia of the suburban setting to overcome but when $4.00 gas hits this summer, more folks might just think about riding since they all have to drive past my front row parking spot on their way to the far end of the ramp. Sometimes advocacy is just being there.


  1. Mark,
    It was good seeing you again the other day. I agree having the 2 LRT's in our backyards is a great thing.

  2. Good seeing you too Devin. Maybe next time I'll have a moment to stop at the Depot for coffee and some conversation.