Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Nice pair!


I rode on Sunday

Two days later my shoulder

Was the best it’s been


Didn’t think I should

Sweetie said “How was last time?”

She is my beacon


So tonight I rode

Cocky perhaps but oh my

This biking thing’s good!


Meditation Yes!

Wheels, gears, pavement sooth me so

I am addicted


Not the hard road ride

Just a spin on the Monkey

Velo orgasm!


Haiku too!

Many choices now

Some hard, some not so much so

Control’s not mine now


Fitness sets the stage

It’s something I can control

Employment, well no


Waiting can be hard

I can always take action

Choices careful now


Go or not, do we?

Tea leaves unavailable

Gut wrenched, how to know?


Plans are all laid out

Cash too, wheels set in motion

Roll dice, take the risk?


But is it a risk?

Skills? Check! Experience? Check

Isn’t if, just when


Life isn’t a noun

Life is an action, a verb

Do it! Not have it!


Confidence survives

Actions pave the way ahead

All will be just fine

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