Saturday, January 10, 2009

Two Sides of One Reality

I ride the trail alone.

It’s a dream and I’m lost in the familiar.

I always ride this trail but it’s new every time.

The same turns surprise me,

Log piles slide under my rear wheel

Just as I realize they’re there to be navigated.

It’s always the same: different every time.

Though I’m alone, there are always others

They come from somewhere

To help, be helped and then

Alone again

But not really

Life’s single-track

Is a thread in a woven fabric

Crossing, intersecting, spanning to the next

According to a pattern unseen

A mobius reality where,

From one side

All that can be seen is a single thread

But from the other,

Only a continuous fabric.

We are the trails

We ride together


  1. This is lovely, Wheel Dancer.

    And what is particularly true is the reference to life looking as a 'solitary thread' from one direction and a 'continuous fabric' from the other.

  2. I am always honored when a writer of your talent enjoys my ramblings, thanks!