Sunday, February 15, 2009

24 degrees, 5 mph winds, very bright and sunny

24 degrees, 5 mph winds, very bright and sunny.


Merino wool tank for a base layer, Icebreaker Merino short sleeve T-shirt, Bodyfit 260 long sleeve, Ibex Climawool cycling jacket for the outer layer. This was perfect for the conditions. I also rode yesterday which had the same conditions except for more wind and wore the same except no tank base layer but did have a wool jersey instead and this was just a bit too warm.


Perl Izumi lobster ski gloves with thin wool liners. This was perfect.


Craft Windtex bib tights over medium weight merino wool tights over Ibex wool cycling  shorts. This was perfect.


Medium weight wool socks, thin wool liner socks with Lake Winter boots with heater packs in the toes. This was perfect. I might have been OK without the heater packs but was planning to be out for a few hours so I just toss them in for a no worries ride.


Wore my down-hill ski helmet with thin balaclava and cycling glasses. This was perfect.

Riding pace:

I’m guessing a 14-16 mph. Pace is hard to tell since I don’t have a computer on my commuter and a 30+ lb bike with studded tires requires lots more effort than a lightweight road bike. Yes, thanks for asking, I will be glad when the weather allows the road bike to come out again.


This ride was for getting a good workout for a few hours on a bright sunny day. I started out easy but pushed myself pretty hard


  1. I just commented on this but your blog ate my comment I think :-(

  2. Groover - I'm very sorry my blog ate your comment. I have sent it to bed without dinner and hope that it will be better behaved in the future.