Friday, February 13, 2009

Sometimes I run

I need my fix but there are times that the bike isn't going to cut it for the task at hand.
Today, for example, I had lunch with a colleague. It actually pissed me off a little that we were lunching at Quang Deli (I highly recommend this place) which is just off the greenway and I had urgent CostCo needs.
I suppose I could have ridden to lunch and did the CostCo run earlier or later but with the rest of the day's schedule it would have been very tight. Or I could even have taken the bike over to CostCo four times to break the trip into bike-manageable trips but that would have consumed the entire day. Don't get me wrong, I like consuming an entire day on the bike but I have to have one available to consume and today wasn't it.
While the bike wasn't going to work out for this trip, I was sure not going to let my workout fall by the wayside. So I took the shortcut and ran. With the pooch of course. Having skijoring equipment and a dog that knows how to use it is a good thing. I don't think I can really do 8 minute miles for 45 minutes that's how it comes out with the pooch assist. It's also akin to running downhill the whole time since he applies the equivalent force of downhill running.
In any event, I find running to be perhaps three or four times the workout of riding and perhaps twice that of skate skiing. So it's a shortcut for my aerobic workout. I like skiing much more than running and getting on the bike is as close to sex as anything other than sex but just sometimes, running really hits the spot.
Today was spot on!


  1. A Big Dummy is quite the Costco tool. I recommend one highly

  2. A Big Dummy is on my list somewhere below Get a Job. In the mean time, the Karate Monkey with Arkel panniers does OK but not for a couple cases of chile and a 50 lb. sack of flour.