Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bike Friendly

You know you live in a bike friendly city when 
the trail gets a bypass built 
for construction that disrupts the trial:
And the most empty bike rack looks like this:
Props to Minneapolis!


  1. Also, the construction guys have been very mindful of the bikers and have a tight rein on their equipment. I've passed a couple of times and the flagman has stopped one large thing or another to let a bicyclist pass.

    I always say thank you to them -- they're awesome.

  2. Nice pictures. It is good to see things like that happening.

  3. Progress is sometimes slow but I'm thrilled by the bike rack.


  4. I once lived in Fort Collins, Colorado, and the bike paths got plowed often before the streets when it snowed! Las Vegas is one of the least bike friendly cities, according to an article in Bicyling, and it's true. They shoot you here. I know that first hand. Kudos to Minneapolis!

  5. Yam - I have had the same experience and also thanked them as they really are awesome.

    rlove2bike - Thanks, it is pretty inspiring.

    Snakebite - It really is particularly since it's just a couple of many examples I could have posted.

    B - It was pretty inspiring.

    Badger - They also plow most of the bike trails often before the streets here though there are some notable exceptions. Sorry you are in such an unfriendly city; your post about being shot is frightening. It's a whole new level of gambling.

  6. I'll take , "Things that will never happen in the south" for a thousand please Alex.

  7. HWB - So sorry but we do have room for a few more here in the frozen north...

  8. Wow, you've got bike racks ...

  9. It's great to see lots of bikes on the roads and full bike racks. But there is something to be said for being the only one too.

    But it can get lonely out there on the open road. {{{{sigh}}}}