Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday's Random Boxes

Here's a box full of fresh groceries for July into September.
That box is going into one of these boxes:
Saving all that gardening space fits in with clearing space inside the house as well. I continue to solve my storage problems but as I put things into boxes I wonder why I didn't think of storing things on eBay before. It's this great storage system that pays you to store things. And to think I used to have a storage locker that I paid someone for. Materialism turns out to be expensive! This week has been another week of great riding with a couple hundred miles in the saddle and a Saturday ride still on the schedule. Retirement is suiting me just fine even though I know it will end at some point and I will once again be a working stiff. Oh and thinking of being stiff, no not that, I'm talking about the stiff you are when they lower you into the dirt in a box. Does it seem to anyone else that cars are becoming more aggressive towards cyclists? I had more close calls this week including some moron intentionally swerving into me while I was pedaling along just under 20 mph. I started screaming at him and he screamed back that I wasn't on a bike path. I was behind him at this point and he pulled over again but of course this time I was ready and just cut over on his left but he had started to get out of his car so I was able to make my escape before he could get back behind the wheel. I wanted to box his ears. If I wasn't so terrified I would have laughed as he accidently took an exit from the parkway that he hadn't planned on. Then last night someone in the group was buzzed by some young punk who just had to get past and couldn't wait ten seconds for the oncoming traffic (one car...) to clear. Oh yeah, I was talking about boxes... So am I putting the driving public in a box of crappy, rude drivers or am I observing the box they are entering on their own?
Anyway, be safe out there. Perhaps life is just a box of chocolates...

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  1. I'll be setting up a couple two, three boxes this coming week. I've typically done row planting, but I discovered this old copy of _Square Foot Gardening_ mouldering in our bookshelves and decided to take a swing at that this year.

    Funny how great minds think alike...