Wednesday, September 2, 2009

It's Time for Health Care Reform

The government is run by those who show up. It's time the real cross section of America shows up to be counted and dispel the twisted image being crafted by the Republicans and Fox News (oops, that's redundant...).

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  1. WheelDancer, you just hit me where I live! Organize the people, power to the people, let us be heard. What a great post. Tip of the hat and I'll go to sleep grinning, safe in the knowledge that there are still a few people who "get it".

  2. Anonymous3:49 AM

    You are being ignorant. It seems to me before anyone wants Healthcare reform you should know every detail of what is in the reform proposed and then you have to understand what all the future changes will be...if you think "the people" have anything to do with crafting this legislature then I have a bridge or two to sell you.

    Please think twice and three times about these issues before blindly leading yourself down a path of more money for less service.

  3. Anonymous. How typical of right wing scare mongering. The post didn't encourage accepting the current reforms it advocates citizens getting involved in the political process. Now go do what you suggest and educate yourself about all the details instead of taking your news from 30 second sound bites from either side of the debate.

  4. I have paid and committed.


  5. LImes - I believe there are quite a few people who get it, they're just not as vocal as the ones who live on fear and doubt.

    Anon 3:49 AM - Interesting that you call me ignorant when I hold a senior level position in the health care field. While I don't announce that fact, I don't hide behind anonymous when I post and I don't call people I don't know ignorant because, well, that would be ignorant. Oh, and you are only sort of anonymous as you left this trail:
    IP Address
    Country United States
    Region Wisconsin
    City Madison
    ISP Charter Communications
    I had higher hopes for Madison, it being a college town and all but then you're likely one of the millions with no health care coverage under the current system so you are likely not getting the mental health care you clearly need.

    Bandobras - Well said. It is funny how many darts the right wing throws from behind rocks.

    juancho - Amen brother!

  6. TRegina6:48 PM

    Hi WheelDance and All,

    Last night, one of the best men in this country, Bill Moyers, (IMHO of course) ended his weekly PBS TV Broadcast of the 'Journal' with a very moving plea to President Obama on this topic. Did you happen to catch it? If you google Bill Moyers Journal and find the September 4th broadcast, you will see the link to the U-Tube 5 minute video. He is passionate and inspiring! I hope the President hears him.


  7. Government sponsored Health Care scares the right wing to death, because it might cut into the drug companies' and insurance companies' profits, and so they play their wild card: the ignorant masses with all their fears and idiologies. Say the word "socialism" which sounds so much like "communism" that they all quiver in their boots and then you send in the brownshirts with guns hanging from their shoulders and hips to stage a media event protesting it and soon we're back to the medieval period, serfs to the corporations once again.

  8. I have no doubt the President will get this done. The right is loud but irrelevent.

    President Obama will come out swinging this week and he and his people will set the things in motion to get the insurance reform done.

    Our troops fought hard for this and those who made the ultimate sacrafice should not have given their lives in vain.

  9. All or nothing. Pass it or suffer the comnsequences.