Friday, September 25, 2009

Random Thoughts

It's the weekend in a long week of short goals. Long stretches of limited production followed by multiple deadlines collapsing on a single day. Not all deadlines met but those that were exceeded expectation and the Arkel pannier carries the laptop to and from quite well so no worries.

I started running a few weeks ago, a fall tradition as I attempt to get in shape for the cross country ski season. It starts with a week of great soreness from short runs followed by a week of seeming invincibility. No more agonizing pain in legs that can turn the cranks seemingly indefinitely but are turned to masses of screaming flesh by a short, brisk run towed by the pooch in my own canicross competition. The week of invincible exercise turns into overwhelming exhaustion as my body adapts to the new regimen.

I started thinking a few months back, an employment tradition as I attempt to get into shape for the next level in my career. It starts with great confusion from simple thoughts followed by months of apparently flawless thinking. No more awkward thought gathering from a brain that can seemingly crank out analytical models indefinitely but is turned to a quivering mass of sparking synapses by a situation infected with contradictory truths. The months of of flawless execution turn into overwhelming exhaustion as my brain adapts to the new regimen.

I started feeling a few decades back, a life tradition as I attempt to get in shape for experiencing the world around me. It starts with an introspection on the unchangeable past followed by the realization that I can respond as I choose to the life events that cross my path. No more second guessing choices from a diverse emotional base that can rise to the most dire life situation but turns to a whimpering soul by a lost opportunity. The years of satisfied conscience turn into overwhelming exhaustion as my emotions adapt to the new regimen.

It's the weekend in a short life of long goals. Long stretches of seeking followed by a dizzying array of life choices, realized in a single life. Not all ambitions took root but the wealth of life lived so far has exceeded expectations and my satchel of life carries boundless dreams with no room for worries.


  1. Hi Wheeldancer. Great bit of reading here. I've been elected once again for our Family Thanksgiving Dinner but I've dined early on the thoughts you have expressed here. A repast done just right.

  2. I have had to give up both racquetball and running as I age. I don't miss either although I really thought I would. As long as there are replacement physical things to do, I'm good.

  3. Roberta - I'm glad you enjoyed it and, as usual, I like the prose you composed in your response.

    Rider - I agree, it's all good as long as you can keep moving.

  4. I think that just has to be one of the most sensible things I've ever read...