Friday, November 13, 2009

Equal Time!

It was a cold wet commute coming home tonight. The sun had long set so it was night-dark even though it was still in the thick of rush hour. I take to the left lane to make a left turn, lit up like a christmas tree as I always am for my darkness commutes. Traffic is slow so I just merge into the left lane but I miss the light so I am stopped waiting in the rain for the light to change when a guy in a pick up rolls his window down and and says, "Be safe!" while giving me a thumbs up.

There are two sides to every coin and this guy totally made my Friday commute and restored my faith in human kindness and set my weekend off on a pretty good note. I had almost ten miles yet to go in the steadily increasing rain but I smiled with every turn of the cranks. It's easy to whine about the morons but isn't it really the random acts of kindness that keep the whole thing stitched together?


  1. Aw, WD, this did my heart good. There is hope for the world.

  2. It's starting to come together, slowly, but it is starting. What age was the guy WD?


  3. A couple of weeks ago, I was waiting in the left lane to make a left turn with a lot of oncoming traffic. It was raining and I was standing there looking for a gap when the car in both oncoming lanes stopped to let me through. Stunned as I was, I managed a grateful wave and made my way safely.

    Yes, Mr. Dancer Dude, sometimes people do get it...

  4. Last week a group of us came back from a race and a driver stopped in a roundabout, forfeiting his way of right to let us pass safely. Yes, random acts of kindness exist. Unfortunately they are a bit too random for me. The kindness-to-abuse-ratio is still way out...

  5. Limes - It is a warm feeling isn't it.

    BN - There is evidence that change is coming. This guy was probably around his late 40's early 50's, just a bit younger than me.

    Yam - It's refreshing when they do isn't it?

    Groover - Yes, it's unfortunate that they are notable for their uniqueness but still a good sign.

  6. I once had an old grandma give me the thumbs up, I had to do a double take cause I thought she flipped me the bird- it was hard to tell through the frosted passenger window. Those rare times do make you feel good, don't they!

  7. It's very rare that people don't give me the right of way when I make eye contact. It's especially gratifying on the left turns.