Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Who has time for this?

I face this sign every day in the locker room at work.

I don't leave things in the locker room but damn if you've gotta spend two whole weeks contacting Facilities to get your stuff back.


  1. Maybe Facilities, whoever she is is looking for a contact high.

  2. ours is nightly though no one enforces it. We also need a new a shower curtian which reminds I need to buy one tomorrow on the way to work.

  3. Bandobras - No, Facilities not Felicity but if there were gazoombas involved then two weeks might be OK

    MN Homesteader - The other sign says nothing can be left when you aren't in the health facility or the showers but no one enforces that.

  4. Hey there used to be a building supply place here that had a sign by the check out that told you to go with packing slip in rear...

    Too Good.


  5. sheesh, the locker police would need a pretty big bin just to collect the stuff in my locker.
    Extra clothes, toiletries, towel, shoes etc.

    You need to crack down on those scofflaws who steal from your locker.