Tuesday, February 23, 2010


My aging father
Lost his wife and his dog too
Melancholy times
He understands some
Does he know how life has changed?
Welcome home daddy


  1. My father died in my hands, literally, when he was 54. Now I'm 60. Why am I writing this, I don't know. You two look so much alike. How much, indeed, has life changed.

  2. OKatB is right; the eyes show the resemblance.

    I wish that my father were still here. Or at least that he had left this world when I was a fully grown adult rather than 'a daughter.' Would have liked the chance to meet him adult-to-adult. Or at least the chance to give him one last hug.

  3. Oh, WD. I wonder if his name is George and if he is the man TOB wrote about so beautifully? Very touching.

  4. Badger - It's a hard thing getting older than someone who was born before you. My dad is 87 so I still have a while but I am now 20 years older than my late older brother. We just have to make as much out of the time we have as we can.

    Merry - I never thought of us as looking that much alike but the eyes do have it don't they.

    Limes - Yup, that's him.