Sunday, February 14, 2010

Weak End

A record snowfall
Out of place beauty down south
It wasn't enough

Beauty and sadness
Journeys long and too complex
The natural order

It would typically
Be a bright spot, lovely snow
Shadows are too long

Life changes, evolves
Choices following their course
Should we check progress?

Pathways are to choose
But in certain cases we 
Can only observe

With this in your glass
Pleasure should be real easy
This time? whatever...

Finish line sprinting
Doesn't apply for this one
It's crossed anyway

Better days lie past
This trial, however, is harsh
Spattered observer


  1. That snow looks like the heavy, wet, hard-to-shovel kind. Wow!

  2. You call your post "Weak End", but I'd submit you have to have Herculean strength simply to survive that! Nice poetic spin on your frustration, WD. I'm sorry. This weekend we have actually let the word "spring" pop from our mouths. We feel it approaching. Cheers!

  3. Where do you find these beers? This is what happens when you let the government run the beer stores like we have here... No variety.


  4. Sox - Yes it was heavy and wet but in Texas they don't know from shoveling and it was mostly above freezing so it just melted.

    Limes - What do you mean, I like snow! Good to hear that spring is approaching though it's not due around here for quite a while.

    Bluenoser - This is a local brew down in Texas and while we were expecting it to be a bust, it was very tasty! Sorry about the lack of variety but it'll make for a good enticement for a little travel south of the border!