Sunday, April 25, 2010

Bikepooling in Minneapolis

Last weekend 
we went to see 
the Twins play 
in their new stadium

It's a cool stadium
(outdoors, I might add)
with some awesome 
transportation options

Light rail on one side,
Parking ramps on another.
My favorite part though is the 

Comes in on another side
with plenty of on-site bike parking.
Bikepooling just got 
easier in Minneapolis!


  1. Bicycling might be a self serving racing/advertising mag... but when it named you the place to be to ride up the road. Well I think they nailed it. And I don't mean nailed it by screwed.


  2. I had read that about bike parking at the new stadium, how cool is that!!! One wheel turn at time, and this nation will slowly see the benefit of the human powered thing we call a pedal bike!!
    Peace, Joboo

  3. 300 spots for parking bikes. Not only do we now have outdoor baseball, but we can also ride a bike to the game. How damn cool is that?

  4. BN - Yup we have it pretty good and don't think I don't appreciate it!

    Joboo - It's good to see more attention being paid to cycling and a high profile project like the stadium devoting attention sure helps.

    Vito - Bike parking and overflow bike parking = very much coolness.