Tuesday, April 27, 2010


She said, go read this
You just might like it. I did
I've said enough is


  1. Here Here!!!!
    Nicley done Sir.

    Peace, Joboo

  2. WD, I am a blogging slow boat these days, but I didn't want to fail to comment on the photo. I know your blog is (mainly) a good, hardcore cyclists' blog, but that cactus flower is a stunner. (You know what draws me!) I know that particular variety and enjoy its flower, but your photo of it puts me in mind of some sea creature, maw open wide, getting ready to sieve some plankton for a meal. Thanks for posting that!

    And she is wise, indeed!

  3. Joboo - Thanks, don't see too many of these up nort' do we?

    TOB - And good lookin!

    Limes - All in good time, glad you like it.