Sunday, April 24, 2011

Now Serving ... Fatback

The good folks at One On One Bike managed to get the stars aligned in the Fatback constellation to produce this amazing ride:

It's still a work in progress but rides like a dream. You might notice the SRAM Air front derailleur, a zero gram offering that sets a new standard for weight savings but has no performance either. I'll be replacing that with SRAM X9 to match the rear derailleur. Also looking at options for handlebar/stem combinations which is why I left so much extra length in the cables.

Had it out for a spin on the Bike Highway and nearby rogue hiking paths today and it proved itself as more than just a snow bike. It doesn't make sense, given how heavy the wheels are, but this bike loves to climb. Zips up hills like it's got a motor.

This is going to be one hell of a fun bike!


  1. Sweet WD!!!
    CONGRATS!!!!! :)
    Now, where's OB's??


  2. Wow, I don't think I've seen a bike like this before ... well, I guess there wouldn't really be a market for it here! I wanna see some action shots. :)

  3. Vito - It already is; been poaching local hiking trails waiting for the singletrack to dry out.

    Joboo - Now I know why you smile so much!

    Groover - If you follow the link to the Fatback site, the first picture you see is of a Fatback in the Aussie Outback. Turns out they are fantastic on sand and gravel as well as snow.

  4. I've borrowed a friend's Pugsley for the summer. those big tires are awesome even on pavement.