Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Little or no original content

I'm a public radio kind of guy yet a few years back when faced with unplanned unemployment, I signed up for Google AdSense in hopes of generating a few nickels.

Then I sort of forgot about it.

Until, that is, Google sent a note explaining they had disabled my ad feed for policy violation #66361.

Turns out my crime was having "Little or no original content". It's a sad comment but true given the current fullness of my plate. Grad school takes a lot of time to do well and there's no point if you don't do well. I also still get in a fair amount of riding so the blog has suffered.

I'm OK with that.

So since I'm not living up to the incredibly low standards required to have ads anyway, I'm returning to my values and running an ad-free format.

Oh, I'll still feature little or no original content just a little less of it.

Go ride your friggin' bike.


  1. Pedal On WD, Pedal On!!!


  2. OK, I'm about to go get on it, oh not so original one!