Thursday, October 27, 2011

Siri - What The???

Siri actually seems to get most of what I say but today when asking to remind me to pick up my pants at the taylor on Wednesday afternoon, she(it?) came up with this:
OK, I may have had the music a bit too loud but for the record, I'll not be bobbing Lola for physical, logical or conceptual and need no reminder of what he do or don't do do do.


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  2. OK, that’s pretty funny, especially after a gin and tonic. I do do do think so.

    I’d say it counts as original content, too.

    Hope you guys were able to get a good ride in on this spectacular mid-November day. We rode with Rod & Lori to Withrow for lunch, what a treat. Saw a BIG flock of wild turkeys on the way there.

    Bet you’re looking forward to fatbiking through the oncoming winter, no?