Saturday, March 14, 2009

AIG - Definition of Bullshit

This is the very definition of bullshit: $165 Million in Bonuses
How in the hell can anyone think the folks responsible for the AIG debacle deserve a bonus for their efforts? They screw up so badly our government has to step in and give them our money, $170 Billion Dollars of our goddamn money, to bail them out. The argument is that the bonuses were promised before the crisis so they have to be paid. They continue saying they can't attract the best and brightest talent to lead the company out of the crisis if their compensation is subject to "continued and arbitrary adjustment" by the U.S. Treasury. 
IT'S NOT ARBITRARY, THEY SCREWED UP! When did accountability become synonymous with arbitrary? How can they be thought of as the "best and brightest" when the crisis is the result of their efforts? If this is what the best and brightest deliver, perhaps we should just put some average folks in charge. You know, the kind of folks who know how to balance a check book and actually kick the tires before they buy something so they know they aren't getting a pig in a poke.
At what point would these dip shits decide that criminal actions need to be sanctioned not bonused? If these executives had murdered someone would that be grounds to cancel? There are folks who have lost their futures over this and no doubt there will be suicides as a result. I would argue that the actions that brought on this crises, and AIG is dead center in the whole mess, will cause deaths.
How can the people making these decisions sleep or look themselves in the mirror?
How about jail time? How about we offer them a long stay in our jails instead of our money? Or maybe I should apply for a job that I can screw up beyond comprehension and still not only get to keep the job but get some obscene bonus for my incompetent efforts. Except that, unlike these sorry excuses for human beings, I couldn't live with myself.
Is anyone paying attention out there? It's time for people in positions of power to take some responsibility for crying out loud. 


  1. i agree totally. but this has been going on for years. i used to work for macys and quit when i found out the ceo got a 3 mill bonus and all i got was a .40 raise.

  2. I know it has been going on for way too long. We need a 12 step program for these greed addicted assholes.

    It must have been a bad year for the CEO if it was only 3 million...

  3. This whole thing has really touched a nerve. How any of these assholes can even look at themselves in the mirror is way beyond me.

    A 12 step program indeed. 12 steps right to an "F"ing jail cell would be appropriate.

  4. How about 12 steps on an 11 step plank?