Sunday, March 22, 2009

First Road Ride '09

First open water that's not flowing across the roads. One of many other cyclists taking a big bite from the spring apple. Flight of fancy, Fancy lady! Acres of ice, frozen lakes haven't heard the news. And still we ride. Winter lingers on the lake, but the road is flush with spring. Happy smiles persist, even when it's become a tired blur. It's a really, really good tired!


  1. Glad to hear that it's finally warming up for your guys. We are having the first few coolish nights ... How many miles did you do?

  2. It's overdue and we are back in the cold, @#$%^&*(!

    We did about 40 and it seemed like 20 since this was the first ride on my road bike. I have been putting in miles on my 35 lb. commuter. About 120 miles for the week including these miles.

    Funny to think you are heading into fall which for us is hard core mountain biking season.

  3. That looks like fun and it makes me feel guilty because I live in Tokyo and it only went below zero once this "winter".