Tuesday, March 31, 2009


We have this beautiful dog.
He has no opinion on the weather. He doesn't seem to care about the coming of spring, or the NOT coming of spring as we are currently witnessing. He's a good one to consult with when spring is yet again delayed and the weather makes me crabby. When the snow gets deep, he is delighted and can't wait to go out and help me shovel the snow.
Even when it's so cold he has to wear his boots, he just sits patiently ready for action.
He doesn't want to hear that we are done for the day.
It's not that he doesn't enjoy spring when it arrives and he gets to romp in the park climbing trees and such.
He's always bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready for a barbeque or a session with a toy I would complain miserably about and want a new one. Not only a new one but a super-lightweight one made of carbon fiber or unobtainium that would make all the other dogs oooh and aaahhhh over.
OK, it's true he sometimes only has one eye focused on the present,
but what would you do if you had a shredded Frisbee on your head?
At the end of day, he doesn't need anything fancy, he just hops in the back of the car and drops off for a nap on top of the luggage...


  1. Your dog is beautiful. Beautiful post, too. Sounds like you watched your dog and learnt a bit from him ... :-)

  2. Thanks Groover, I may have learned a thing or two from him.

  3. hi! Your buddy is beautiful and looks like you provide him an excellent life of fun! I also am a happy happy biker and I also have a happy border collie who used to also love climbing/hopping up high on strange things like trees... he's old and slower these days, but anyway thanks so much for sharing these photos and your buddy, you've brightened my day :)

  4. Bright days are good days, glad I could help!