Sunday, December 10, 2006

Boards on my feet

The day broke sunny and mountain biking was on the menu. Yet another ‘last ride’ for this season that doesn’t want to give up it’s warmth for the cold and snow looming on the horizon. The days leading into the weekend had been cold, first below zero since last February which meant that the skiing venues were madly making snow. I have a season pass at Welch Village and the snow was calling to me. Last year, after a promising start, my ski season was cut short when I twisted my knee. Fortunately, and quite interestingly, cycling was part of my PT to strengthen my knee so the trainer spun all winter effectively starting my biking season early. So the siren song of the snow, even snow machine-made snow, turned out to be stronger than the lure of the single-track.


Snow, wheeeeeeee!


Oh how great strapping boards to my feet and speeding down a frozen slope!