Tuesday, June 10, 2008


The definition of a dumb ass is someone who nearly kills a cyclist by cutting him off and running him into the ditch and then when the cyclist catches up to said dumb ass at the stop sign starts to yell at the cyclist for being an idiot for being on the road. OK this moron has already passed the dumb ass test but is apparently going for dumb ass of the year since they are in a company van with their name and phone number painted on the side. I wonder what kind of cleaning they do, cleaning cyclists off the road?

Hey, I have an idea, let's all give them a call and tell them what dumb asses they are!

I survived this one and somehow managed not to go down but this asshole missed me by inches and then started yelling at me for not being on the 10 mph bike path. They came so close that when I started yelling back at him how they almost hit me he said "almost, only almost?". I was the lead cyclist in a four person paceline, single paceline so it's not like they didn't see me before cutting into the curb right next to me. How does a person almost run someone over and then start yelling at him like it was his fault.