Sunday, December 20, 2009

I don't Get It

We got a dusting of snow
less than an inch
and as I sit here
I hear the sound
of a snowblower
clearing the top 1/4 inch
followed by the
sound of a shovel
getting the last 1/2 inch.

Petroleum independence might be further away than I think...


  1. Only an inch of snow? Sounds like mountain biking weather!

    As for the above post, I'll bet the guy has a riding lawnmower, too,

  2. I get it, it's called..........(drum roll) LAZY!!!!

  3. Badger - I did get out and in the woods the 8-10 inches we've already had made for a challenge but I had a great time.

    Joboo - I think it's a habit of being lazy since the follow up shoveling would have done the whole job with less effort.

  4. Consume oil, consume oil, spew exhaust, spew exhaust. :~{

  5. Americans are fat, lazy, and destined for destruction in general. We will never change as a country. It needs to start at the neighborhood level.