Tuesday, December 15, 2009

This is Winter!

When I leave the house I see this

I look up the alley

and down the alley

and I saddle up and head out
with a big smile on my face.

In the middle of my commute
 I hop the train for a while.

This is my commuter hanging
a convenient option
that splits my riding into
two six mile legs
which is great.


This isn't so great
see the footsteps
next to the bike track?

It's the Mendota Bridge

The bike path is filled
with what was plowed
the road and
the bike path,
frosted with several
inches of fresh powder.

Without snow it looks like this.

Notice how far the
highway sign is
from where I stand
 in each of the pictures.

It's a looooooooooong bridge.

The good thing is that it overlooks
the Minnesota River Valley

I just missed two
Eagles cavorting in
the chilly air in this shot.

Nearly a mile of hike-a-bike
made me a little slow
pulling out the camera.

Now I just have to figure out
how to determine when
the bike path on the bridge
gets cleared
so that I can ride
rather than trudge.

After all, I can drive some days...


  1. Tell it to Pete. He may know.

    But I doubt it...

  2. You win the winter competition, WD! Tomorrow I'll wear shorts and a T-shirt to walk in less than 40-degrees. And I'll remind myself, "It could be a LOT worse!"

    WV = stali. Do you think they mean Stoly? I'll take 2!

  3. They assume that nobody would use the bike path at this time of year. That's the problem with ASSUME because it's making an ASS of U and ME.

    Nice bike!

  4. FYI there is a bus 446 that you can catch that will take you over the bridge the 46th street LRT

  5. Anonymous2:16 PM

    Wheeldancer, though you may not sail like the wind over the bridge on this day, I found wonder and joy in the views you shared of your "trudge". (I do however still strongly emphathize with the difficulties you encountered).


  6. yammie - Ya never know but it turns out to have been 'cleared' the night of the snowfall though there was about two inches of unstable detritus left.

    Limes - My shorts are all packed away for the duration

    Groover - They know about the bikes but with 20,000 cars on the bridge and a couple dozen bikes, we are pretty low on the priority list. Thanks for the comment on the bike, it's my new commuter and one of the most stable bikes I have ever ridden even when loaded up.

    MN_home - I'll have to try that though the bike racks mess with my fender something awful.

    Roberta - I'm not surprised you enjoyed the views, might have felt like home, eh?

  7. I thought that looked like a new LHT. Excellent choice. I love my LHT.

  8. Way to commute through all that excess snow :) Don't you just love how the plows dump it all onto the sidewalks?

  9. Doug - LHT all the way!

    Betty - Thanks for stopping by! I figure I just get a better workout riding in the snow.