Thursday, December 10, 2009

Winter's here!

My commute's not gonna look like this again for a long time

Let's hear it for the winter commute!


  1. Let's hear it for the winter commute!


    Glad to see another stud on studs, it's getting lonely out here.

  2. I'm disappointed. I was expecting an eight foot snow bank! It's even green still. ;-)

  3. Stud on studs? Say, what do you fellas do over there to stay warm in the winter anyway?

  4. bro yam - I keep wondering if I'll see you on Minnehaha and I do see someone on a Big Dummy but unless you're tall, thin and dark-haired, it ain't you.

    Badger - My camera froze...

    Snakebite - Mostly wool but I've some more Chilly Dress Code posts planned for the near future. My commute is now 33 miles round trip and my clothing requirements have changed quite a bit so it's time to update.

  5. Wheelie man -- I'm anything but tall, thin and anything haired.

  6. WD, we could ALMOST give you a run for your money on winter weather so far. Snow, rain and - oh - have I mentioned wind? Right now it's blowing a steady 19 with gusts to 53. A man and a woman sit in their homes trying to decide when to venture out on bike and foot. It could get worse!

  7. Looks lovely to me! :-)

  8. Did you switch jobs again? That looks like my old commute

  9. bro yam - I seem to detect some facial hair...

    Limes - Perhaps my latest post will make you rethink your run for my money!

    Groover - This is a picture of what I won't see for four or five months except in my memory, but it is quite lovely for early December in these parts.

  10. MN homesteader - Nope, same gig. This is a picture on the Greenway near Beltline.