Friday, December 25, 2009

Snowy Splendor

Christmas Eve in the backyard

Fat, happy snowflakes on the local rinks

Fat tires carry me through the dark

The way is clear, my heart joyful

I hope your wheels carry you 
Joyfully through the season

Merry Christmas!


  1. Love the snow greetings from your part of the world. Know that I wouldn't be game enough to get out. Keep rolling safely in 2010, Wheeldancer! Happy New Year!

  2. You are a serious, hard core nut! I love it. When I lived in Colorado and then Wyoming, I came to believe that's what mountain bikes were actually for: riding through snow and ice, i.e., bikes designed for winter.

  3. What a lovely holiday post! It makes me happy I was in warm sand dunes, however. Love the reclining snowman in the chaise lounge!

  4. Groover - I suspect if you were here, we'd only see your wheel fading into the snowy distance. Happy New Year to you as well!

    Badger - Always nice to be recognized by another serious, hard core nut :-).

    Limes - Glad you liked it but I prefer the snow since the sand creates havoc with the machinery.

  5. That's it I am going to go buy a box of Wheaties RIGHT NOW!

    Awesome pic's W.D.

  6. Oh, yeah! The sand plays hell with cameras, too.

  7. The chair on the left covered in snow looks like a deer or an an antelope... I'm not sure which?

    Happy New Year Wheel Dancer.