Sunday, March 16, 2008

Mortgage crisis - Part One

So I owned this lovely home,

well me and the bank.

. . .

OK, mostly just the bank.

It's pretty, don't you think?

It had nice views too.I just got to pay the mortgage
Which was a nice deal...

For them.

They appraised it
(for the divorce you see)
at 50% over actual value

For them

To be
Able to lend me more money.
See all that interest was good

For them.

I was raised to take responsibility.
I was taught that others would too.
That makes for a lovely world.
(what a great place for a lovely house!)

I am now single
I sold this lovely house
I kept the mortgage...

It's a problem

And it makes me wonder.

Why do
My ethics
Corporate ethics?

Who really is the
Responsible Party

I made good on the
I was mis-lead into making
(I'm not an appraiser, how would I know what it's worth?)

I still have the mortgage,
I was (un)fortunate enough to
Avoid foreclosure
So that I could carry the burden of

Their mistake

Far into my future... I meant to say,
So that I could
Do the Right Thing
(and keep my credit clean.)

But I still wonder sometimes,
How it is that
I am
Making good on

Their Promise?

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  1. Sorry to hear that Mark. I know the feeling about having the 2 mortgages. I cannot seem to get my house on Colorado sold. With the nicer weather coming on fast, we should try and hook up for a ride after work.