Saturday, February 10, 2007


I got things
Lots of things
Things to do this
Things to do that
Things from when I couldn’t do this
Things for when I had to do that
Things that prepared me for then
Things that reminded me of when
Things beget more things
If I just had that thing
If I could only find this thing
One more thing and I will be...
But wait,
Be what?
Why did I want to do this?
Why did I need to do that?
What did I need when I couldn’t do this?
Where was my heart when I had to do that?
How did my preparations leave me then?
Who did I think I would be when reminded of when?
When did begetting things beget me?
What if I just didn’t have that thing?
When should I stop looking for this thing?
How did I not see?
If I had one more thing,
I would just have
One more thing
And still not be