Monday, October 6, 2008

Why McCain doesn't want to discuss the issues

So Johnny and his girl-friend have announced that they will be launching a new phase of their campaign where they focus on smearing Barack Obama rather than discussing the issues.
Remember the Keating Five and the S&L crisis? No, not the SNL Crisis, the savings and loan crisis. Remember how John McCain was at the center of that crisis, not as a faux saviour like he has been in the current crisis, but as a participant in creating the problem. That's why he was called before the Senate Ethics Committee. 
If that were my legacy, I wouldn't want to be talking about it either. That crisis was huge at the time with a federal bailout of $124 billion, pocket change compared to our current mess.
Fortunately, the democrats have decided to help the voters understand McCain's role in the S&L crisis and the economic policies he favors that have brought us to the current financial debacle. 
Take the time to educate yourself on what it is that McCain doesn't want to discuss.

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