Thursday, April 30, 2009

An Apology

As a resident of Minnesota, I feel compelled to apologize for having Michele Bachman represent a part of the state though I hasten to point out not my part. Of course being a pretty (to some) face unable to think for herself she is really just channelling Rush Limaugh.
I completely fail to understand how she got elected in the first place but having come across this picture illustrating her campaign technique, I may be getting a glimpse of her appeal. I would be scrambling for the Listerine (or airsickness bag) if she used this technique on me but I suppose some guys might like it. Still, how she gets any women to vote for her still remains a mystery.
Anyway, on behalf of the thinking Minnesotans, I apologize for our state giving her the platform to spout her bat-shit crazy drivel. Then again, she is a great poster child for the importance of education and what can happen when someone with no clue about either biology or history gets the talking stick.


  1. You've apologized for can you make her go away??

  2. If I could we wouldn't be having this conversation...

  3. I was going to give you a hard time about sending a whack-job to congress, but then I remembered... I live in Utah. Ouch!

    Man I wish you guys would hurry up and get Franken seated!

  4. What? We build a garbage incinerator downtown. We then proceed to build an open air stadium next to the incinerator. We're idiots...

  5. Watcher - I worked with a consultant who had moved to Utah and loved it but did refer to his fellow residents as Utoids even though it was somewhat affectionately. I agree it's time to get Franken seated but Coleman has been the poster child for sleazy long before this election so he will drag it out as long as he can.

    Brother Yam - Good point, I suppose next it will be bike lanes down the center of the freeway...