Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Minneapolis Bicycling Rocks!

Here's one reason why:

Here we see public bike racks, not unique to just this street, so you know when you ride downtown on one of the many trails or bike lanes that lead into downtown, you will have a place to lock up.

Making a city bicycle-friendly isn't just about bike lanes or bike paths, it's putting together the whole picture.

It really helps, as shown in this bicycle view in Google (which also rocks!), that the bike lane saturation just in the downtown Minneapolis area looks like this:

The bright green lines are dedicated bike trails, the rest of the green lines are bike lanes on streets. I don't know what other cities are like but I think that's a lot of green.


  1. You rock, too, Wheelie! I'm glad you love your green Minneapolis. Happy birthday and many happy returns of the day.

  2. That bike rack is right outside the IDS building, right? Whenever I'm out walking about downtown I try to swing past that rack, because it always has some of the most interesting bikes.

  3. If only Las Vegas were like this!

  4. Limes - I do love Mpls & thanks!

    Pete - Yes it is and I went by too fast to pay much attention, I'll have to swing by for a closer look next time I'm down there.

    Badger - You're always welcome to relocate (though I think it's unlikely...)

  5. WD -- join us on Friday at Sea Salt for a beer.