Monday, August 2, 2010

1000 miles

Last month I got in 1000 miles which explains why the blog has been hanging on the hooks in the garage. I've had bigger months but not for quite a while and this is the first time a wheel decided I was riding it too hard.

So much for putting my old road wheels on my commuter to lighten it up a bit but then again I didn't like these wheels much anyway.


  1. That is an awesome and righteous reason for not blogging.

  2. Yeah, ya gotta love the posts about broken parts!!!
    No offense WD!!!
    That's an impressive blow out of the wheel!! Duct tape won't fix that!! LOL
    you know you can't buy/build just one wheel!!!?? ;))

  3. Hmm, what condition is the hub in? The wheel could be rebuilt... but then, as when everything looks like a nail when one has a hammer, everything looks like a wheel waiting to be built to a wheelbuilder!

  4. Merry - Priorities you know!

    Joboo - Nope, duct tape won't fix this one. It does explain why I was having trouble getting it trued though.

    Badger - The hub was crap from the day I got the bike, warrantee service replaced a defective free wheel with a crappy one. It was a stock wheel that's been off my road bike for a couple years as I've tried out different options. So even to a wheel builder sometimes it's just scrap metal...

  5. 1000 last month? That's practically my entire year...

  6. Pete - It's all riding, it's all good.

    BN - Don't know why your comment was flagged for moderation but it was. Just shows I'm not paying much attention to the blog these days for me to only notice now :(