Friday, September 17, 2010

IMBA Alert, your call to Action!

CAMBA Urging Mountain Bikers to Comment on Trail Plans

Wisconsin's Bayfield County Forest is seeking input on the Access Management Plan for the forest. Several questions have extremely important and pertinent implications to CAMBA-built mountain bike trails and other non-motorized trails in the Cable Block of the County Forest. This block includes all County Forest south of Cable from west of Randysek Road all the way east to the National Forest in Namakagon. This includes perhaps the most important collection of non-motorized trails in the state and includes the CAMBA bike trails, the North End Trail Head and ski and snowshoe trails, some Telemark ski trails and the Birkie and Birkie Classic trails.

If you ride these trails, get involved and fill in the survey. The continued preservation of non-motorized trails is important for personal safety, trail maintenance and enjoying the wilderness experience. Motorized trails are little affected by non-motorized use but the opposite is true when motorized access is mixed in with non-motorized use.

If you don't ride these trails, you should as they are as good as it gets!

The more numerous our voices, the more likely we can preserve this wilderness experience. Take action, get involved and join with the other voices trying to protect this wilderness area.



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