Thursday, March 4, 2010

My First Bike Mentor

My brother Dan introduced me to the bicycle as something that was more than just a toy. He was my first bike mentor and helped me purchase my first serious bike, the only one I have put more than ten thousand miles on in a single year.

Today he would have been 56.

Two years ago I visited Hatcher Pass in Alaska where his ashes were spread many years ago.

When I lived with him up there we went camping up on the pass and spent some good hang-out time. When I returned to the pass I knew there would be memories but it turned out to be a pretty spiritual experience. I remember scribbling the following in a notebook while at the top of the pass but forgot about it until I tripped on it a few days ago.

As I walked

There lay Dano
Quiet, at rest
Surrounded by beauty
Life beyond death
On a mountain side
Warm sun
Gentle breeze
I've come full circle
To say goodbye to his life
To say hello to mine
He found this place of beauty
Now it's mine


  1. It's a beautiful spot, and was a beautiful day...fitting for a beautiful life.

  2. Nicely done!!!

  3. A beautiful post of tribute to your brother, WD.

  4. I'm honoured to read that WD. I try to visit my brother's grave every year. Not to steal your thunder but just to share.


  5. tob - Truly beautiful all around

    Joboo - Thanks!

    Limes - He's never far out of mind.

    Bn - No thunder stolen; it's all about honoring those who deserve it.

  6. You two must have been best buds.