Thursday, March 25, 2010

Stud-less in Minneapolis

I'm usually the last guy to remove the studded tires but I took them off a few weeks back and am happy I did.

Feels like I'm riding around nekkid but without the blushing...


  1. You two nekkid ones are feelin' pretty frisky in the spring, WD!

  2. I'm holding out. But the bike with the studded tires is sitting while I ride my LHT. It was 16 degrees this morning here in Duluth. It was dry. If there had been any precipitation, I would have needed those studded tires.

  3. Must be spring in the air. And lots of love. Bike love! :-)

  4. Limes - 'tis the season you know...

    Pete - Yes it is!

    Doug - The studs didn't get put away for the season so they are at the ready in five minutes if the need arises.

    Groover - We'll hold onto it for you as your warm weather slips away...