Saturday, January 31, 2009

And Then She Was Gone

I didn’t really know her

Other than to see her

Out in the yard

On rare occasions.


She was bent and slow

Quiet and unassuming

Her little house, on the list for new roof, new siding

Like so many in the path of the storm


Then a couple black and whites

Show up on a Saturday morning

Along with a slow gentleman

And a lady leaning on a cane


Looking, peering in windows and doors

Knocking & waiting... looking and talking

Officer kicking in the door

Seeking contact seemingly lost


Waiting and shuffling outside

Too long, not too long, it’s been so long

The officer, the gentleman

A slow walk to the leaning lady


A sunny January day

Marred by tears and hugs

As another elderly neighbor

Moves on without packing

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