Sunday, January 4, 2009

0 degrees, -15 wind chill, dusk to dark

0 degrees, -15 wind chill, dusk to dark. Why?


Thin base layer tank top, long sleeve thin merino wool base layer, Icebreaker merino t-shirt, Bodyfit 260 long sleeve, with a Gore BikeWear jacket for the outer layer. This was perfect. This jacket has pit zips that I open pretty quickly to keep from getting sweaty and I then regulate my temp with the front zipper to let just a little air in on my chest.


Army surplus shooter’s gloves with heater packs which was perfect. I started out with a thick wool liner glove but it was too bulky and too warm so they came off. I always give myself options for my hands though I generally don’t have to make changes on the road.


Ibex Climawool pants over Craft wind bibs over silk tights over wind front briefs over merino wool boxers. This was good but I should have had some sort of cycling shorts. I forgot about them because I had been skiing, skijoring actually, and still wanted more of a workout and thought I was pretty much dressed to ride as well.


Medium weight wool socks, thin wool liner socks with Lake Winter boots covered by neoprene cycling shoe covers. I also had one heater pack under the toes of each foot; left overs from skiing.  My toes got just a little chilly at the very end of the ride but not enough to cause concern or stop me if I had intended to keep going.


Wore my down-hill ski helmet with medium balaclava and cycling glasses. This was pushing it as the balaclava got very iced up very quickly and only offers slight wind protection. I started with the wind at my back and when I turned into the wind, I pretty quickly had to put on my neoprene face-mask and switch to the ski goggles that I keep attached to the helmet for just such occasions.

Riding pace:

I’m guessing around an 8 mph. pace mostly over freshly plowed trails.


This was a fitness ride of about 15 miles that took around an hour and a half. Making certain I open the vents on my jacket early enough so I keep from getting sweaty in the first place was one of the hardest things to learn about winter biking but now that I have it down, I am always comfortable when I ride.

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