Monday, January 12, 2009

Yehuda's got the wool thing down

Yehuda, always a good read, summarizes my fascination with wool. I was skeptical at first but have come to know that Merino wool is also softer than most other fabrics. I still have some of the old scratchy wool but I don't wear it against my skin. Fact is I'm saving real money on water and detergent since I switched to a nearly wool-only wardrobe. Funny thing is that not only does the wool not take on body odor, I take on (much) less body odor when I'm wearing it. Umm, I still bathe regularly...


  1. Mark,
    Are you biking to work again and possibly UHC again? I have been seeing some tracks heading down 9th ave s in Hopkins and keep thinking of when we rode together.
    Hope things are well,

  2. Hi Devin,
    Not working anywhere at the moment but still riding. It was fun running in to you that day. There were a couple other riders there that may well still be riding.

  3. Thank you for clarifying the bathing part.

    I love wool! Wore it all the time when I lived up in God's Country.
    Never went into the woods without it.

    When I first delved into cycling 25 years ago I had the wool shorts and jerseys. That was good stuff. No helmets back then either.

    The only thing that turns me off is the price. I love Smartwool products.

  4. I rarely buy anything that hasn't been severely discounted which still doesn't make my merino collection cheap but without Sierra Trading Post and the Ibex outlet my wool collection would be considerably smaller.