Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Oddball

We have an odd dog.
He's a Border Collie and 
they are very smart dogs.
But they can also be pretty odd.
It's what some folks like about them.
(Folks like me but then 
I'm a bit odd myself.)
I snapped this shot the other day.
Another day of oddball antics.
OK, so he can sit on a step.
That's not really that odd. 
Even the blind cat can sit on a step.
 (Humming; Even a blind cat can tell when he's sitting on a step...) 
So what's so odd about a dog sitting on a step?
Take a closer look.
Does your dog sit with his butt on one step
and his back feet on the same step as his front?
I didn't think so...
Oh, and the frisbee?
gets the center bit out of it.
So he can carry it like this:
That way he won't trip on it when he's 
bringing it back.
bringing it back..
bringing it back...
bringing it back....
I'm still trying to get a shot of him
Drinking tea with his pinkie up...


  1. Mrs Fat Lad and I would love a dog (odd or otherwise) but living in rented property at the minute we can't :(

    If the UK housing market continues to slide however it won't be too long...

    Fat Lad

  2. Hey Fat Lad, thanks for stopping by!

    So if I understand what you're saying about the housing market, you might end up in the doghouse anyway...

  3. I've got an Australian Cattle Dog, so I think I know what you're dealing with :)

    Wandered over to check our your blog as I was moved by how well you articulated how I feel about the Fat Cyclist in your comment today. (How's that for long winded)? I also tagged you in my blog, if you care to take a look, wander over. If not - absolutely no offense taken.

  4. I love pets. They all have quirky little tricks that are so amusing. Eldest daughter has a doggy like this one and it knows the names of all its various toys. Energy? Boundless.
    I enjoyed this wee note about pets, cause I love pets -- expecially dogs. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Jennoit: Thanks for stopping by! Cattle Dogs can be pretty fun judging by the ones I have known.

    I don't often do the tag thing since my blog is always about the things that I am thankful for but I just might put something together.

    Roberta: Pets are great and I'm with you that dogs are the best though the kitties can be fun too. As for energy, yes, I wish I could capture some of his energy for myself!